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Due to the full-scale war, there's an urgent need to eliminate the consequences of destruction in many regions of Ukraine and rebuild the damaged houses of Ukrainians.



You can help Ukrainians, who have suffered as a result of Russian aggression, by listening to TOM SODA's single "FOR A PEACEFUL SKY".

All the proceeds from its monetization will be transferred to the foundation dealing with the consequences of shelling and rebuilding destroyed housing. You can also make a charitable donation that would eventually help rebuild the homes of Ukrainians affected by the shelling.

The total damage to the housing fund exceeds
100 billion hryvnias

116 thousand buildings with a total area of
14 million square meters


12.3 thousand (12 million square meters)

multi-storey buildings


104.1 thousand (1.7 million sq. m)

individual estates


The following numbers display the preliminary estimates of destroyed or damaged buildings in Ukraine:

116 thousand residential buildings, which were home to 3.5 million people.

How the single was created

After the de-occupation of the Kyiv region, Tom Soda joined the charity foundation "FOR A PEACEFUL SKY" which works to repair damaged houses in the country's most affected areas.

Since the first days of the war, the foundation has already repaired more than 700 houses in 5 regions of Ukraine, distributed aid to more than 59,000 victims, and engaged more than 100 volunteers.


Together with the foundation, Tom Soda documented the damage, interviewed the victims, and showed all of it to the world to highlight the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine caused by the Russian army.

To attract the attention of as many people as possible, with the support of talented Ukrainian authors Bohdan Andrukh and Petro Berestenko, Tom and his production team recorded a manifesto song dedicated to the Ukrainian people, who pay the highest price every day for the sake of a safe future not only for Ukraine but for the whole humanity.

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